Why It’s Important To Have Top Quality Corporate Security And Computer Forensics Specialists

A lot of people are familiar with the term forensics, especially when it refers to a criminal investigation after a death. The forensics team has the task of re-creating the crime and looking for clues at the crime scene and also by performing an investigative autopsy as well. When it comes to forensics the task for the technician is very similar in nature. His job is to use technology and computer sciences to analyze all of the data in a computer, or network of computers, in order to present evidence and proof in a criminal or civil court of law. In a larger company, there will be an administrator of the network and several security staff keeping track of the information system and they’ll need complete knowledge of computer forensics.

Instead Of Fingerprints There Is Recoverable Data On Hard Drives

While the forensic team may actually look for real fingerprints on keyboards, monitors, and mice, they will also be looking for a fingerprint in a virtual sense on data drives. Even when data has been deleted, there are always remnants left on the drive that a good computer scientist can re-create in order to track a particular crime.

In addition to that, anytime a person enters a certain amount of data, they are leaving a digital fingerprint behind that a qualified technician would be able to locate and extract in order to use it to track down a data thief, hacker, or another type of criminal and also provide proof in a trial.

It’s A Mistake To Assume All Stolen Data Is From Hackers

There are thousands of reasons why different people steal data, especially from the company they work for. Quite a few times that it is stolen because of jealousy to cause harm to the inventor or discoverer of a certain process or the writer of an application.

Other times that is stolen in order to help a disgruntled employee move on to a new company and bring needed information along to sweeten the deal. While most companies insist on their employees signing non-compete agreements before hire, they are difficult to enforce and costly to take the court.


Having the right computer forensic team to ensure that all the computers in the network, all the email accounts in the network and everyone’s cell phone are secure is important for a company that is involved in any kind of high technology products.  Many times a company doesn’t realize how valuable their intellectual property is until it gets stolen and sold to their competitor.

High Technology Isn’t The Only Reason Emails Get Hacked

Just as often as not, emails get hacked in a company due to love affairs and sexual harassment at the workplace. Some of the largest settlements from lawsuits occur because a manager has taken liberties with an employee, either sexual or otherwise. There are plenty of times that a forensic crew needs to provide evidence for a court battle that doesn’t involve the business side of the company at all.

If you’re going to have a company that is technology driven and has its own network, it is imperative in this day and age to have corporate security that knows what it’s doing and stays on top of all the latest technology. Failure to do so puts your company at risk of hacking, security breaches, stolen email accounts, lawsuits, and possible customer data theft as well.