Looked At New York City Apartments Because of My Husband

My husband recently got a job offer in New York City. We have considered moving there and have been looking at New York City apartments to move into. We have looked at a few different places. Here is how I found them and what I think about moving to a big city.

I looked online at apartments.com to find apartments that are available in the area. I wanted to learn more about prices and what they charge to rent an apartment. I have found the cost of living there is very high and I’m not sure that even with a new job that pays more, it would be worth the move.

I am not from New York, nor have I been there, so I’m not sure about the neighborhoods the apartments I have looked at are located in. I do know a big city means more crime and I’m not sure that my family is ready for a move like that. I think I want to raise my family in the same small town I was raised in.

After several thoughts about moving and truly considering telling my husband to take the job he was offered, I think I am going to say no to this move. It is not a great place to move to and I am not prepared for the crime that could come with it. I want to keep my family safe. I and my husband have both talked about this and the cons outweigh the pros. I feel like we are making a good decision by staying where we are, even though the job he has now paid less than the new job he was offered.

For where we live now, the money is made is great. We are in a nice neighborhood and a nice town where everyone knows everyone. My husband and I have decided that we want to keep it that way and are going to stay in our town.

The apartments for rent harlem ny we looked at online looked very nice and roomy, but the prices were extremely high. We are not going to move anytime soon although I did like some of them.

I think New York City is a great place for some people to live. There are always things to do and lots of people around. For this small town girl, it is not for me or my family. I don’t want to be in a place that is constantly busy and has so many people. The crime rate is what concerns me with the family I am raising. My children should be in a safe area and more people means more crime.

I am happy to say that I and my husband actually agree on staying where we are. He really wanted to accept the job, but maybe there will be another one offered in a city that isn’t as large as New York. If it’s a smaller city, I would consider moving there.